Wasteland Companions

I’m excited to share my latest diorama, “Wasteland Companions,” inspired by the iconic Fallout game and TV show. This scene captures the essence of survival and camaraderie in the harsh, post-apocalyptic world outside the vault.

In the diorama, Vault Girl stands confidently, giving a thumbs up to Maximus, the formidable figure in Power Armor. The environment is a desolate desert, with the massive vault door fallen and partially buried in the sand. Adding to the scene’s narrative, a broken statue of Vault Boy lies on the ground, symbolizing the remnants of the old world.

Creating this piece was a thrilling experience, from crafting the detailed Power Armor to capturing the essence of the wasteland’s barren landscape. I hope this diorama brings the spirit of Fallout to life for fans and collectors alike.

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