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Welcome to my website dedicated to the fascinating world of miniature painting and dioramas! If you're passionate about creating tiny but incredibly detailed works of art or crafting immersive miniature worlds, you've come to the right place.

Meet Yane
Wh is behind rogue brush?

Meet Yane, the passionate miniature painter and the driving force behind Rogue Brush.

Yane's dedication shines through in every meticulous brushstroke, as he breathes life into his creations. His journey in the world of miniature painting and diorama creation may be relatively short, but his passion is undeniable. With each project, he infuses his unique style and vision, always striving to capture the essence of his subjects.

Through Rogue Brush, Yane shares his love for the art form with the world, delivering exceptional quality and service in every project.

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I ordered a Star Wars theme diorama, and I cant be more satisfied. Great attention to details and the colors are so authentic. Excellent idea for a birthday present.

And the greatest thing is that every diorama is unique.

Highly recommended.

Martin S

An incredible diorama, made with such care and done to perfection. The attention given to the details was amazing - the colors were alive, all the little aspects were taken into consideration. The arrangement was professional, it came with clear instructions of its safety, and it was even delivered prior to the agreed time! 10/10, highly recommended!!

Ivana B