Of Kings and Mushrooms

Sometimes, inspiration arrives in unexpected packages from across the globe. In a delightful exchange of creativity, my friend Dave from Denmark sent me two captivating heads from Propmasters Store. These unique models, each possessing its own distinct charm, became my latest canvas for a truly enjoyable painting journey. Allow me to take you through the process of breathing life into the “King Goblin” and “Funghizard” heads.

King Goblin

First up, we have the “King Goblin” head. The challenge was real, but so was the fun. The Goblin sports a stone crown with a touch of moss and a bronze rim. This mix of textures and colors required some careful brushwork. I aimed to capture the Goblin’s mischievous royalty, giving his rugged stone appearance a pop of character with the green moss. The result? A central figure that’s both eye-catching and full of fantasy charm.


Next, say hello to “Funghizard,” the mushroom head. What a treat to work on! With its detailed design, I couldn’t help but smile as I painted it. Experimenting with shades and gradients brought out the vibrant colors of this whimsical model. The challenge lay in striking the right balance between nature and fantasy. As I put on the finishing touches, I marveled at how the colorful features truly brought the creature to life.

But painting isn’t just about colors and strokes. It’s about embracing the creative journey. Mixing hues, adding highlights, and giving each head its unique personality was a satisfying experience.

Painting the “King Goblin” and “Funghizard” heads was a blend of creativity and connection. From Denmark to my painting table, these models remind me that art knows no borders. The joy of bringing imagination to life is a universal language, connecting friends and artists across oceans.

These heads, now proudly displayed, symbolize more than just painted resin. They stand as a testament to the bonds we form through art. As I look at them, I’m reminded of the shared laughter, creativity, and the joy that comes with turning everyday objects into something extraordinary.

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