A new batch of minis

Have you ever wanted to take a break from painting Warhammer miniatures and try something new?

Well, that’s exactly what I did. I recently discovered that my friend, Kiril, has a resin printer and decided to experiment with painting different minis. It’s been an exciting journey filled with new challenges and opportunities to explore my artistic skills. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience and some of the things I learned while creating stunning and unique miniature paintings. Join me on this adventure and let’s discover the world of miniature painting together!

3D Printer

One of the advantages of using a resin printer is that it’s cheaper than buying miniatures from Games Workshop. With a resin printer, I can print as many miniatures as I want, at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the level of detail is remarkable, allowing me to paint intricate designs that are difficult to achieve by hand. This has opened up new possibilities for my miniature painting hobby and allowed me to create stunning, high-quality miniatures that I’m proud of. Overall, using a resin printer has been a game-changer for me.

Patreon goldmine

Another way I’ve been able to expand my miniature painting options is by subscribing to some Patreons to access their STL files. By doing this, I’ve been able to access a wide range of unique and high-quality miniatures that I can print and paint at home. This has allowed me to experiment with different styles and techniques, and has also helped me to have access to a wider variety of miniatures. If you’re interested in exploring this option, I highly recommend checking out some of the companies that offer STL files as part of their Patreon subscriptions.

But, I will write a more detailed post for which patreons are the best and why they are worth your subscription.

What I chose to paint

Not knowing how detailed it is (I’m still new in the hobby), I decided to print an acrobat from Circus Grotesque by Archvillain Games. I love this mini, and I will print and paint all models from this release.

My journey continues with random miniatures from different studios. Here is some of them.

Snow White by Drunken Dwarf Miniatures

Milly and Sir Michael Moorefrost by Broken Anvil Miniatures

Gnome miner by Drunken Dwarf Miniatures

Sahuagin and Half-Sahuagin Pirates by Loot Studios

Dora the Explorer by Bite The Bullet Studio and Urgoth Bloodhand by Bombshell Miniatures

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