A new journey begins

Painting miniatures is a hobby that has captured the hearts of many hobbyists around the world. From the satisfaction of seeing a completed miniature to the therapeutic process of painting, there’s something special about this pastime that keeps us coming back for more.


I always wanted a hobby that doesn’t include monitors and a mouse, so I started a journey to find something that relaxes me. Interested in creating dioramas, I started watching how-to videos on YouTube and I found the channel of @Squidmar Miniatures. I was hooked on mini painting immediately! So I started painting in January 2022 and so far I am having a blast!

The start

I chose to paint Space Marines, just like many others who start their journey in the hobby. I remember opening the box and staring at the miniature in awe, wondering how I would even begin to paint something so small and detailed. But with a bit of research, a few brushes, and some paint, I started my journey with miniature painting.

As I applied my first brushstrokes, I quickly realized that painting miniatures was more than just a hobby – it was an art form. With each stroke, I learned to appreciate the intricate details of the miniature and how the tiniest changes in color or shading could drastically transform the overall look and feel.

As I worked on my first miniature, a Space Marine with all of its iconic armor and weapons, I found myself completely immersed in the process – losing track of time and all worries. There was something incredibly meditative about the process of painting, and I knew I had found a hobby that would stay with me for a long time.

And when I finally finished my first miniature, a proud Space Marine ready to fight for the Emperor, I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride that I had never experienced before. Looking back on that moment, I realized that it was the beginning of a journey that would bring me countless hours of joy and fulfillment.

Second round

Painting white in miniature painting can be a challenge for even experienced painters. Achieving a smooth and even finish on a small surface area can be difficult, as any imperfections or brush strokes will be much more noticeable. Additionally, white can easily become chalky or dull if not executed properly. As a result, mastering the art of painting white is considered a true test of a miniature painter’s skill and patience.

Basing is my favorite thing to do in miniature painting. It’s a chance to showcase creativity and add a unique touch to each miniature. Incorporating different materials, textures, and colors can transform a simple figure into a dynamic scene with depth and character. Basing is an opportunity to not only enhance the miniature’s look but also to tell a story and bring characters to life in an exciting and captivating way.

More experiments

The next Space Marine I decided to be with red armor. Apart from the same struggles with the brush (hence, Rogue Brush), I really enjoyed working on the base. I bought some skulls and tufts from a hobby shop and I was impatient to use them somewhere. The wooden floor is made out of coffee wooden sticks. It’s so fun using everyday stuff and materials on the bases!

Oh yes, the photos are old, with bad lighting and focus. Sorry!

My first Necrons

While Space Marines are a popular choice for many miniature painters, it’s understandable that painting them can become monotonous after a while. The repetition of painting the same armor and weapons can quickly lose its appeal. That’s why many painters, including myself, have switched to different armies, such as the Necron Warriors. The Necrons offer a refreshing change of pace with their unique designs and intricate details, making them a fun and exciting challenge to paint.

For the base, I used a bit that I had in the starter box, a Space Marine head, toothpick, yellowish tufts and some stones and sand I found outside. It was really fun to experiment with the bases.

With the second Necron I tried to work more on the rifle, which is called Gauss Reaper. Sadly my photography skills and lighting don’t do justice on this mini.

Oh yes, more experiments with the basing! Bases are fun!

Hobgrot Slittaz

Blue Horror

Thank you!

It’s my first post here on my website, so I made it a bit longer! Thank you for reading and for following me on this wonderful journey called miniature painting!

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