Love and Valor

I’m thrilled to share my latest diorama, inspired by one of the most iconic duos in fantasy literature and film: Arwen and Aragorn. This piece is titled “Love and Valor,” and it captures a dramatic and action-packed moment in a ruined city.

In this diorama, Arwen and Aragorn stand resolute against a horde of orcs charging at them. The setting is a desolate, crumbling city, with remnants of fallen columns and ancient stones scattered around, evoking a sense of a once-great civilization now lying in ruins. The ground is littered with debris and the atmosphere is charged with tension.

Facing them are three menacing orcs, mid-charge, their ferocity evident in their postures. These foes add a palpable sense of danger to the scene, heightening the stakes of this confrontation.

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