Christmas time

Christmas is the perfect time to let your creativity shine as a miniature painter, and this year, I decided to go all out with not one, but two miniatures.

Sexy Ms. Santa

The first was a sexy Ms. Santa, complete with a short red dress, high black boots, and a flirtatious expression. One hand was on the side of her curvy hip, adding to her alluring pose.

The red dress was a fun challenge to paint, with its glossy texture and short hemline. I used a combination of red and shading paints to create a vibrant, eye-catching color. The black boots were equally challenging, with their sleek texture and intricate details.

But the real standout feature of this miniature was its playful pose. With one hand on her hip, Ms. Santa exuded confidence and sex appeal. Her playful expression completed the look, making her the perfect addition to any holiday display.


The Santa bust was particularly challenging, with its blueish skin tone and grotesque wounds. I used a combination of paints to achieve the perfect color, adding layers to create depth and texture. The pale eyes were a particularly eerie touch, and the bloody white beard completed the gory look.

In one hand, the zombie Santa held a green gift box, a reminder of the holiday season. On his left side was a gruesome sight: the head of a skeleton Rudolph, its antlers stained with blood. One ear was even bitten off, adding to the macabre atmosphere.

The end result was a miniature that perfectly captured the darker side of the holiday season. It was a far cry from the jolly and festive image of Santa that we’re used to, but it was a thrilling challenge to take on as a painter.

Together, these two miniatures represented two very different takes on the Christmas season. One was dark and twisted, while the other was light and playful. But both were a testament to the endless possibilities that miniature painting offers, and I can’t wait to see what other festive creations I can come up with in the future.

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